John Jewell - Control Engineer

John received a BS degree in Technology Management from Utah Valley University. He also has AS degrees in Business Management and Environmental Management.              

Professional Experience

  • John has experience with process control of a variety of processes, including waste water treatment, water treatment, collections, water distribution and oil and gas. He has been able to successfully utilize multiple control platforms (e.g. Rockwell, Modicon, and Proficy Machine Edition) and graphical interfaces (e.g. Wonderware, iFix, Ignition, and ClearSCADA). Also, he has been able to provide support in multiple roles in various projects including the following: Project Management, PLC Programming, HMI Programming, Quality Control, Instrumentation Configuration, and all types of Troubleshooting. Over his career he has worked with a wide range of control systems

  • He worked with Microwave Data System radios and wireless networks of various sizes

  • He was previously an instrumentation technician for 5 years where he worked on various types of projects

  • He has over 20 years experience managing projects both in the private and public sectors

John enjoys the outdoors as much as he enjoys playing with his computer network.