Jonathon Horton - Control Engineer

Jonathon spent three years as a process engineer tasked with managing process control projects, optimizing performance of many units in a DeltaV DCS system. Jonathon designed new controls strategies for many unit processes by recognizing where enhancements to the existing control system could improve performance and reduced waste. On all of the projects, the redesigned controls had side benefits in other areas, including production, safety, environmental protections, and costs. As process engineer for a plant with a wide variety of processes, Jonathon quickly developed an in-depth understanding of each process and learned the value of getting input from others with more experience and other perspectives on operation of the process. By seeking feedback on design early on in the life of his projects, Jonathon consistently delivered final products that all stakeholders were invested in sustaining.

Relevant Expertise

  • Emerson DeltaV
  • Pi Historian
  • Alarm Rationalization, including Alarm Help
  • PID Tuning, including dynamic PID parameters
  • Sequential module control
  • Interlock and controls commissioning

Professional Experience

APCO Inc. - Control Engineer. Programming for controls projects in oil refining and water treatment industries.

Kennecott Utah Copper - Process Engineer. Responsible for daily oversight and troubleshooting for 13 separate batch processes. Contributed in 4 PHA's with quantified risks. Instrumental in transitioning to OSHA-covered site. Alarm Rationalization for 785 alarms. Installed and commissioned more than 150 safety and process interlocks. Silver circuit optimization with 59% reduction in unit reagent consumption.