Oil and Gas

APCO Inc. is the premier process control company in Utah, and we have worked extensively with oil and gas companies in the region. We specialize in designing, streamlining, and implementing regulatory and advanced process control techniques to drastically increase revenue and safety.

APCO Inc. has tremendous expertise in SCADA and telemetry for field applications. We are experts at MDS, Freewave and other radio systems. We are extremely proficient at PLC programming and troubleshooting. We work with many hardware platforms such as: Schneider SCADAPack, GE, Rockwell, OPTO 22, and many others. We are certified both in Wonderware, GE Proficy (iFIX), and others. We pride ourselves on being hardware and software independent so that we can best represent our clients.

We have worked in oil and gas fields as well as gas processing plants. Below are some of the technology tools we utilize to optimize our clients' processes:

Sulfur Removal

  • All of General Control Plus . . .
  • Direct and Split Feed SRU Control
  • Reactor Feed Ratio Control
  • Automatic Air Flow Ratio Control
  • Claus Reactor Bed Temperature Control
  • Incinerator Excess O2 Control
  • Throughput maximization by increased efficiency

General Control

  • Constraint Control
  • Non-Linear Control
  • Feed Forward/Lead Lag Control
  • Ratio Control
  • Pressure Compensated Temperature
  • Multivariable Control - DMC
  • Internal Model Control (IMC) - Composition