Petroleum Refining

As an advanced process control company, we believe that one of our strongest assets is our background in heavy industry. We employ engineers that are experienced in these industries and have degrees that facilitate process understanding. We have been working in refineries for over 20 years and have implemented regulatory and advanced controls on an array of process types. While all refineries have similarities, each refinery has unique needs. By combining holistic process understanding with an artistic eye for optimization opportunities, APCO engineers will work with your engineers and operators to make your refinery operate as safely and efficiently as possible. We love solving difficult control problems. Give us a try. 

Crude & Main Fractionator Distillation

  • All of General Distillation Controls Plus . . .
  • Cut Point Temperature Control
  • Inferred Properties
  • Duty Controls
  • Multi-Variable Control



General Distillation

  • Constraint Control
  • Non-Linear Control
  • Multivariable Control - DMC
  • Reboiler/Reflux Control
  • Top Temperature Control
  • Bottom Temperature Control
  • Interactive Moves
  • Pressure Compensated Temperature
  • Internal Model Control (IMC) - Composition


  • Pass Balancing
  • Constraint and Non-Linear Control
  • Max Temperature Control
  • Heat Exchanger Optimization

Cat Reformer

  • Catalyst Bed Temperature Control
  • Temperature Constraint Control
  • Stabilizer Control (see distillation)
  • Reactor Regenerator Control

Catalytic Cracker

  • Fluidized Catalytic Cracker (FCC)
  • Catalyst to Oil Ratio Control
  • Differential Pressure Control
  • Reactor and Regenerator Temperature Control
  • Regenerator NOx Minimization



  • Master Boiler Control
  • Active Air/Fuel Ratio
  • Excess Oxygen Control
  • Fuel Gas Composition Corrections
  • SCR NOx Reduction Control
  • Boiler Constraint Control


HF Alkylation

  • Isobutane to Olefin Ratio Control
  • Feed Prep Controls
  • Depropanator/Deisobutanizer Controls
  • Acid Rerun Control
  • Propane Stripper
  • Deflouranator