Scott White, Ph.D - Vice President/Staff Engineer

Scott holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University.  His graduate research focused on Multivariable Model Predictive Control of a Pulsed-Plate Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column.  The multi-variable control software developed for the extraction column was implemented entirely inside a commercial DCS controller, which was a novel approach at the time.

Scott has a broad range of experience with a myriad of control hardware and software systems, refining and petrochemical processing units, and process modeling packages.  He has been involved in designing and implementing control systems for more than 20 years, ranging from PLC and DCS regulatory and advanced control systems to advanced optimizing, constrained, multivariable controllers implemented on top of lower level regulatory control systems.  

Control hardware/software experience includes:

  • Opto22 pACs
  • Bailey Infi-90/Net-90
  • Honeywell Experion & TDC3000
  • Emerson DeltaV
  • Invensys Foxboro
  • Yokogawa Centum VP
  • Siemens PCS7
  • Siemens PLCs
  • Modicon
  • IsaGRAF
  • TelePace
  • Control Microsystems RTUs
  • HP-A900/PMC-1000
  • Allen-Bradley PLCs
  • DMCplus
  • SMCA
  • InfoPLUS
  • SETCIM/Infoplus-X
  • GE iFIX
  • SCADAlarm
  • RSLogix
  • Wonderware InTouch Historian & System Platform
  • Win-911
  • Industrial Data COmmunications: Ethernet, Serial, Radio
  • Communications Protocols: Modbus, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, DNP3, ProfiNET

Process modeling software:

  • AspenPLUS
  • ChemCAD

Professional highlights

APCO Inc. - Vice President / Staff Engineer - Perform project management and advanced control projects.  Control projects have included a state-of-the-art millisecond catalytic cracker (MSCC) employing a safety system with 2oo3 voting, an MSCC gas plant, and HF Alkylation.

Thiokol Propulsion - Team Leader -  Led a team that designed and implemented a large pilot plant facility (including control system) which employed very hazardous materials in the production of novel, highly energetic compounds.  Then led the operations team that used the pilot plant under customer contracts to successfully produce tons of very high quality product (99+% pure).  Designed equipment and control systems for two upgrades to a separate, existing pilot plant, then oversaw implementation of the designs and used the pilot plant to produce an environmentally friendly energetic binder material.  Used process modeling software (ChemCAD) in the design of a solid rocket motor washout and recovery process for demilitarization programs.

Setpoint Inc. (acquired by Aspen Technology in 1996) - Senior Project Engineer -  Designed and implemented multivariable model predictive control on a variety of refining and petrochemical processes in many parts of the world, including Korea, Japan, Europe, Canada, and the United States.  Used SMCA, DMC, and DMCplus (constrained multivariable control software), to design and / or implement advanced control on reformers, fluid catalytic cracking units, gas plants, dewaxing units, hydrocrackers, hydroprocessing units, hydrogen production / distribution management systems, and other petroleum refining and petrochemical processes.

Brigham Young University - Instructor -  Taught a graduate-level applied digital process control course and an undergraduate computer programming course.