Water & Waste Water Control Panels

Water and waste water control panels are crucial to success and profitability in the water and waste water industry. Water and waste water control panels can be used to control boilers, valves, pumps, etc. They can also be used for feedback on tanks, valve position, flow rate, fuel blending, and many others. This gives power to the operators of plants to be able to monitor and control the process while maintaining safety in a more secure way.

Let us know what features and capabilities you would like and let our engineers provided specific solutions to create your optimal plant operation.


  • UL Listed
  • Pump Control and Feedback
  • Valve Control and Feedback
  • Tank Level Feedback
  • VFD Control and Feedback
  • Damper Control and Feedback
  • Touch Screen Local Control
  • Boiler Control and Feedback
  • Fuel Blending Analysis, Control, and Feedback