Panel Shop Ensures a Seamless Client Experience

Alyssa Asplund
September 25, 2023
5 minute read

Panel Fabrication Shop Rushes to Ensure Client Success

At APCO, delivering the best possible client experience is our top priority. We acknowledge mistakes occur—for us, our clients, and even our suppliers. Rather than assume mistakes won't happen, we rely on robust support systems to guarantee our clients' success when these inevitable situations arise. Our commitment to preparation proved invaluable one morning when a miscommunication suddenly shifted the final stage of a panel fabrication project an entire day forward. Despite the unexpected change in plans, our team at the APCO Panel Fabrication Shop was determined to ensure a seamless and exceptional client experience.

Panel Fabrication: Race Against Time

With a full day's work still ahead to add finishing touches to the 12 control panels, our shop manager received an unexpected call notifying him of a truck arriving in five minutes to collect the large delivery from our northern Utah panel fabrication shop and take them to their intended destination in Southern California. He was alarmed, as this early pickup was definitely not part of the plan for this project. Fortunately, the internal hardware for all the panels had been assembled. Still, a few substantial tasks remained: some panels needed wiring terminations, each panel backplane had to be mounted in its enclosure, and finally, all panels had to be packaged for shipment.

Quick action was taken to mobilize available personnel, and the remaining tasks were promptly organized and delegated among the team. At APCO, it is traditional for employees to gain experience in our panel shop, regardless of their primary focus. This tradition ensures that everyone comprehends and appreciates the achievements of APCO at every stage of a project. Leveraging their prior experience, and with timely guidance from the shop manager and teh usual shop employees, the team completed the assembly in under two hours. Shipping delays were avoided and client needs were met, all as a result of our remarkably dedicated staff.

Dedicated to Excellent Client Experience

Delivering an exceptional client experience is deeply ingrained in our company culture and emphasized to every member of our team. On that day, from our President to the interns, each employee demonstrated unwavering dedication to providing a top-quality client experience. Despite the unexpected new deadline, all twelve panel enclosures were completed and loaded on time, ensuring smooth project success for our client. At APCO, we persistently strive to uphold the highest standard of care for every client we serve.

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