Transforming Efficiency: APCO's Flexible Operations with Ignition Perspective

Alyssa Asplund and Cameron Price
February 27, 2024
10 min read

Elevating Water Facility Operations: APCO's Ignition Perspective Transformation

Let's rewind and look back on a project highlight from our history. This is a project feature summary, for the full article click this link. APCO undertook a transformative project at a Water Reclamation Facility, where we provided comprehensive upgrades to their PLC, HMI, and telemetry systems. The centerpiece of this project was the implementation of the Ignition Perspective platform for the new HMI, setting a new standard for efficiency and functionality.

Addressing Challenges

Before partnering with APCO, the Water Reclamation Facility faced significant challenges with their outdated FactoryTalk View SE HMI software. They struggled with operational visibility, limited reporting capabilities, and the absence of remote access options. These limitations hindered their ability to effectively monitor and manage plant operations.

Innovative Solutions

Drawing on the advanced features of Ignition Perspective, APCO designed a solution tailored to the Facility's specific needs. We leveraged SQL-based data management and HTML5 technology to create high-performance, mobile-friendly interfaces that empower operators with real-time insights. By replacing outdated touchscreens with iPads and implementing a unique remote access solution for heightened security, we provided the Water Reclamation Facility with unprecedented flexibility and control over their operations.

Delivering Results

The project surpassed expectations, delivering tangible benefits for both APCO and the Facility. Not only did we complete the project 17% under budget, but we also introduced innovative features and components that enhance plant efficiency and productivity. From custom lab reporting screens to advanced trending capabilities, our solution revolutionized how the Water Reclamation Facility operates and manages their system.

The Plant Manager at the Water Reclamation Facility commended APCO for our collaborative approach and innovative solutions. Our implementation enabled improvements in alarm management, enhances reporting accuracy, and achieved greater operational efficiency. With secure remote access capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, the Facility can now monitor and manage their facility from anywhere, saving time and resources.

Project Scope:

  • Tags: 10,478
  • Screens: 20 main screens, 43 popups
  • Clients: 13
  • Alarms: 1,451
  • Devices used: 16 (Modbus PQM and Allen-Bradley PLCs)
  • Architecture: Standard
  • Databases: 2 (MSSQL)
  • Historical data logged: 788

This project exemplifies APCO's commitment to innovation and excellence in control automation. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we empower our clients to achieve their operational goals and drive sustainable growth. For a deep dive into this project, check out our project feature article at Inductive Automation.

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